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To be a change that we ourselves want to see in the world M. Gandhi

About Smartt Group

Smartt Group is the parent company to the insurance broker Smartt Insurance Broker and Smartt Re(previously THB Poland). Companies that belong to the Group have been supporting clients from many lines of businesses for years in arranging the insurance and reinsurance protection all over the world. As a 100% owned Polish business we have perfect relationships with insurers in Poland but can access insurance and reinsurance markets all over the world. Thanks to a particular engagement in facultative reinsurance we managed to achieve a leading position of a reliable partner in Poland and the region of CEE who has a perfect understanding of a market and unique abilities to search for solutions even if they seem impossible do fulfill.

To emphasize  our close relationships with reinsurers and the London market we cooperate with leading brokers accredited by Lloyds of London whose fully-fledged member Smartt RE broker of Lloyds is planning to become in 2018.

Our Mission

Our mission is to shape partnerships with our clients and to provide them with the best possible quality of services. We care about a constant professional development of our employees and also we stay in touch with main reinsurers in Europe and all over the world. We cooperate with the best polish and foreign partners chosen by us. The identification and the determination of risks during the study of our client’s needs is our specialty.

Our Vision

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”- unshakingly we try to put this motto into practice every single day. Owing to the fact that insurance and reinsurance is our passion, every day we try to be better at the search of best solutions for our clients. We are proud that completely Polish businesses such as companies which belong to Smartt Group can successfully compete with the best and the biggest in Poland.



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The roots of our company date back to 2006, when the American insurance broker,Colemont Global Group Limited decided to create a small branch in Poland, initially employing 2 people


Colemont Global Group (Colemont launches a small branch of the company in Poland, whose first president is appointed - Mr. Michał Chmielewski,


The company receives an insurance and reinsurance license, which for many years will become the basic area of activity in the field of optional risks as well as mandatory contracts,


Merger of Colemont and AmWINS Inc., the biggest wholesale broker in the US market with over USD 1 billion brokerage earned in 2018


As a result of the merger of Colemont and another London broker - Thompson, Heath & Bond (THB) under the auspices of AmWins, the company in Poland changes its name to THB Polska,


As a result of the search for increased development opportunities, the Management Board of THB Polska conducts one of the only MBO management operations known on the Polish brokerage market - becoming a 100% Polish entity,


Mr. Tomasz Libront was elected as the President of the Management Board of the Company,


The Smartt Group is formed, which, in addition to THB Polska, includes newly established entities - an insurance broker, and the EduMind by Smartt foundation,


THB Polska changes its name to Smartt RE. At the same time, the company begins the process of obtaining the Lloyd's of London brokerage accreditation,

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