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Smartt Re (ex THB Polska)

Smartt Re( previously THB Poland) is a Polish reinsurance broker set up as a result of ownership changes in THB Poland SP. Z.o.o. The history of a company goes back to 2006, when one of the firms which belonged to AmWins INC with their headquarters in Charlotte (NC) decided to open a small branch in Poland. This branch after 10 years became a leading supplier of reinsurance solutions for clients on Polish and Baltic market, specializing in construction, energy, railway and aviation risks.

Next mile stone in the company’s development was a year 2015.  Pursuant to the agreement with AmWins company accomplished an managerial buyout. This structural change simplified our every day job.  The highest quality of service with access to the international market, is our goal. Smartt Re is the biggest facultative reinsurance broker in Poland. Within 15 years of running a business we arranged reinsurance programs in key branches of economy such as heavy industry, mining, aviation, banking, marine and others.

Sectors of activity:

  • Treaty reinsurance
  • Facultative reinsurance for following lines of business








Casualty Professional Indemnity



Terrorism / K&R



Cash in transit


Our goals

Risk Management and Insurance

and Retrocession

The EduMind Foundation

Where we operate


Our success

PLN 750.000.000+

the highest limit of liability in the general OC risk


number of one-day meetings during a conference in Baden - Baden

3.500 km

distance from insured golf competitions

USD 285.000.000

the hull (casco) value of the reinsured aircraft

Smartt Re sp. z o.o.

Wiśniowa 40/8

02-520 Warsaw


Reinsurance is a difficult world. We want to be for our clients like a compass to help find the best solutions

Chairman of the Board Smartt Re sp. z o. o.

Tomasz Libront