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Smartt Re (ex THB Polska)

Smartt Re( previously THB Poland) is a Polish reinsurance broker set up as a result of ownership changes in THB Poland SP. Z.o.o.
The history of a company goes back to 2006, when one of the firms which belonged to AmWins INC with their headquarters in Charlotte (NC) decided to open a small branch in Poland. This branch after 10 years became a leading supplier of reinsurance solutions for clients on Polish and Baltic market, specializing in construction, energetic, train and air risks.
Next mile stone in the company’s development was a year 2015 when pursuant to the agreement with AmWins, company accomplished an ownership conversion to provide clients with fast, effective action and a support suitable for their needs.  The highest quality of service with at the same time the access to the international market, without- what disturbs while working with corporations- global unifications not suitable for client’s needs, is our goal.
Smartt Re is the biggest facultative reinsurance broker in Poland. More than 10 years of running a business let to arrange reinsurance programs in key branches of economy such as heavy industry, extractive industry.

Sectors of activity:

  • Treaty reinsurance
  • Facultative reinsurance for following lines of business








Casualty Professional Indemnity



Terrorism / K&R



Cash in transit


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Risk Management and Insurance

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Our success

PLN 750.000.000+

the highest limit of liability in the general OC risk


number of one-day meetings during a conference in Baden - Baden

3.500 km

distance from insured golf competitions

USD 285.000.000

the hull (casco) value of the reinsured aircraft

Smartt Re sp. z o.o.

Wiśniowa 40/8
02-520 Warsaw

Reinsurance is a difficult world. We want to be for our clients like a compass to help find the best solutions

Chairman of the Board Smartt Re sp. z o. o.

Tomasz Libront